Silver Mountain Ciders

Welcome to our company! We are one of the more unique companies around for the sole reason that we can do all sorts of things here at our company. One thing that we do has to do with heating and cooling services while the other one involves the amazing cider that we can make on the side. Yes, we know that it is a really weird combo and doesn’t really go together but we decided to add the cider as a nice little bonus years ago and it ended up taking over our company as a whole. So, because of that, we decided to stick with it and it changed our company forever. Our company has now been up and running for a solid 20 years and we have had nothing short of a ton of success and there are a ton of people and companies that we need to thank for helping us find all of this success.

Heating and Cooling

You will be able to read about our heating and cooling services on further pages, but most people are more excited to read and hear all about the cider stories. So, our company started off as a heating and cooling service. We weren’t really doing all that well and were struggling to stay on our feet. This seemed to go on for years and the future of our company was in jeopardy. One day though, a woman brought us in some home made cider for all of the hard work we did for her. We thanked her and left it for customers to take when they came to order our services. When people came, they loved it, they thought it was the greatest thing ever made on this planet. After a bit of brainstorming, we decided that it was time to make a change and we were going to create a little side company.


Our small little side business decided to take off the second that we made it and it worked out really well. We were selling the best fresh apple cider in the area and people were buying us out and ordering all of the heating and cooling services that they needed to go along with it. It was a life changing experience and our company became something we never thought it could become. We have to really thank the one lady that decided to bring us in the cider because it truly did change our company for a really long time to come after that. If you are ever interested in either of the services that we offer at our company then we highly suggest that you come in and check it out for yourself. You will find we are one of the most impressive companies out there. Pick up some cider and then hire one of the best heating and cooling companies out there to get the job done right for you! We are the best around for a reason! See for yourself.